How will you make money?

Again, our primary goal is to help you generate a monthly income to live as an independent person where you don’t have to trade your time for money.

For example:

1) There are no required products purchases.

2) There are no monthly quotas or stipulations.

You will earn income in 3 incredible ways:

First, you will earn a $150 fast-start bonus on every one you refer that join our network

Second, you will earn a $30 fast-start bonus on everyone they refer that join our network

And finally, you will earn residual income when you purchase your favorite health, wellness, or beauty products from one or more top brand name companies that are in our network. They include AdvoCare, Mary Kay, Morinda, Nature’s Sunshine, and OrganoGold.

You will earn 6% of the retail sales made by the next 1.1 million affiliate partners to join your team.

When you purchase as little as $40 worth of retail products… you will get paid on 11,000 wellness partners; a $100 retail purchase will get you paid on 111,000 wellness partners; and a $200 retail purchase will get you paid on 1.1 Million wellness partners.

Click here to register for one of our live webinar event. We are going to take you through the details of our program and how it works.

We offer you a bullet-proof guarantee


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Note: You cannot promote products from your personal distributorship from any of the companies below in order to avoid confusion with our followers.

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